About Mathru Builders

The Company

        Mathru Builders is a Bangalore-based core construction company which specializes in providing customized and end-to-end services from concept to completion.

       Backed by our impeccable track record of over 3 decades+ in the construction industry, we have emerged as the preferred choice of discerning clients in multiple domains, such as retail, apartments ranging from individual to premium and multi-storied to high-rises, bungalows, villas, skyscrapers, group housing, commercial complexes, factories, godowns, artistic, stylized and theme-based buildings, etc.

        Over the years, and especially since the start of the millennium, Mathru Builders has executed several hundred projects of varying sizes and land parcels. This has given us a cutting edge expertise and experience in handling any project of any segment of any size thus enabling us to deliver best in class quality.

We work with reputed brands like Ranka Group, ECCI, Jindal Group, Maxworth, to name a few.

The Chief Influential

        Mathru Builders was started with the sweat and toil and expertise and experience of its Founder-Promoter B.S. Kumar, civil engineer, who painstakingly and diligently learnt the art, craft and science of construction over more than three decades. At a time when the building & construction sector was beginning to make its presence felt in the economy, Kumar, who forayed into the industry at an young age working for various companies in diverse domains, envisioned the growth prospects that lay embedded for visionary entrepreneurs to unlock and thus was Mathru Builders born.

        After becoming an accomplished entrepreneur in his own right, now his vision is to take his company, Mathru Builders, to the next level, and expand its footprint to the whole of South India.

Our mission is to become intimately acquainted with our client's needs, wants, emotions and realities and then provide best construction elucidation and service that reciprocate to their contentment which in turn adds another feather to our crown of goodwill earned by being loyally humble.

Our 6 Guiding Principles:

We surmount challenges and find sustainable solutions through PROACTIVE elucidations.

We deliver LUCRATIVE solutions for all.

We achieve success through PARTNERING and collaborative approach.

We are proficient in portraying PROFESSIONALISM as it gushes into our every existing vein.

The triumph through our client's SATISFACTION reciprocate to our pride.

With our vision being to be the Pinnacle of Construction, it is only our insatiable PASSION for contribution which could lead us there.

To be the Pinnacle of Construction with a balance of work across the Public and Private Sectors and to earn the goodwill which is disambiguously acknowledged by both our existing and potential clients. We believe the key to attain our vision is by being more.

Customer-centric – Measuring success by our clients’ perceptions, not ours.

 Creative – In the way we approach every project.

 Sustainable – Breaking new frontiers each time we design or build or manage a building.

     It’s an ambitious goal and we are striving towards it.

The Way We Deliver

     We go the extra mile to deliver lasting value to our customers, in each and every one of our services.

     We are bang on target. Our project managers and field engineers have zero tolerance for project overruns and delays which mean you don’t have to worry about any cost escalation during the final lap of completion.

     We are diligent. We make sure that all the raw materials we procure are not sub-standard or defective and fully meet our specifications and your requirements to the most exacting detail.

     We are reliable. Each and every person working on the Project is carefully hand-picked and well trained in executing the various processes through the construction project chain. In other words, you don’t have to look over your shoulder or spend your precious time and energy to ponder about safety issues whether related to the actual task in progress or the project overall.

Customer Policy

Customers are our value

        We value your time. We understand that today it is mainly about execution. Putting all the requirements together to get the project started is itself a challenging task. But the real tough part is getting it to work for you. It is not just about standards and protocols but about the actual delivery.

        Our secret is age-old. Delivering customer delight every time. We got it right very early long before customer delight became a corporate buzzword. We surmised early when we started the company that with construction industry emerging as a top contributor to economic growth, customers would have the option of choosing the vendor and not the other way round. That’s why Mathru Builders focus on optimizing value to the customer proved to be our key differentiator in the market.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

    Turnkey projects: Why sweat the small stuff when we will do it for you? All we need from you is to decide to realize your lifetime dream and we will gift-wrap it to you! right from conceptualizing your dream project, we will connect the dots by connecting with your innermost desires, take care of all the hustle and bustle and hassles along the way, and deliver on the dotted hour. Just turn the key and get in to discover your dream come true.

    End-to-end services: We take care of the entire construction chain (building estimate, sanctioned plan, legal reports, building documents, test reports, approvals/clearances, etc) so you don’t have to work with multiple vendors or suppliers or service providers. Our end-to-end services are tailor-made to optimize your time value and make the process smooth and enjoyable rather than a rocky and tense journey.

    We are expert in handling construction projects in low-lying water logged areas (like for example Jogupalya in Halasuru). This involves a unique challenge which requires domain specific expertise and skills and our project teams have successfully executed many projects in such low-lying areas in Bengaluru.

    We also have niche expertise in building artistic and stylized bungalows: For discerning customers the emerging trend of living in a theme-based house is an idea whose time has come. We have creative architects who can visualize and translate into concrete shape, such new-age building ideas.

     Offering unique and premium features at affordable cost is another USP. For example, you can enjoy the supreme privilege of having a personalized drive-in right into your bedroom – i.e. park your dream car or high-end car right next to your bed – at say around 5% of the overall project cost. Drive in to dive into your bed is but only one of the premium and yet affordable services we offer.

    Mathru Builders also has the privilege of having in its order books, many VVIP customers from the cream of society. This has added tremendous value to our brand image.

We are Mathru Builders.