Our Services


        We provide comprehensive building, refurbishment and civil engineering services.   We pioneer in any vertical of construction from scratch till we match our clients expectation. We have the skills and resources available in-house to provide a client focused service that delivers quality construction projects in a safe and professional, sustainable manner. We have an extensive experience of working with both Public and Private Sector clients in all markets within the metropolitan area. We at Mathru Builders have a robust, long-established supply chain of subcontractors and suppliers who are also skilled in working in busy city center locations to tight deadlines. Our range of services encompasses pre-construction and buildability advise, traditional procurement, design & build, restoration & refurbishment and civil engineering.

Core Construction Services

Retail construction projects

Apartments ranging from individual to premium, multi-storeyed to high rised, bungalows & villas etc


Group housing

Commercial complexes

Factories & Godowns

Industrial buildings

Artistic & Stylized buildings

Theme-based buildings

Supply Chain Management & Procurement Services

Raw material procurement

Quality test certification

Qualified project managers, architects, experienced engineers, contractors & skilled labor supplied to scale

Networking liaison services (For collaborating with government and other civil agencies) to ensure clearances & approvals.

Value-added Services

Interiors customized to requirements

All kinds of end-to-end woodwork

Flooring & landscaping etc


Speciality Services

Terrace gardens, rock garden on terrace, terrace swimming pool, terrace water bodies & terrace farming etc

Artistic & Theme-based buildings

SMART Houses equipped with state-of-art hi-tech security features for real-time and controlled access

Executing turnkey projects

Miscellaneous Services

All kinds of pre-construction services & counseling

End-to-end services from concept to completion

Design & build, building estimate & sanction, restoration & refurbishment

Civil engineering services